A small ball of light

This was about mid-2008, a friend of mine was house sitting, while I was out traveling.

As always, I meditated, and within my meditation, I wanted to make sure everything was okay, in my house.

At this point, I was not looking for a door or an open window. I trusted my friend 100%, but what I was looking, was the energy there were flowing within the house, uneasy or calm feeling.

As of all the times, I have been projecting myself, I’ve learned how to improve without getting completely exhausted, so instead of projecting a full image of the body, I used an image of a “small ball of white/yellow energy.”

My friend Jeff was easy to spook, and I wanted to keep the energy calm, so I had to find a place to land, and this time choose my office.

I landed in the middle of my office, quickly exit out, and moved slowly down the hallway, to the right around the corner and into my bedroom.  Whereat, I came back to my body. The whole thing would take less than 5 min.

A few days later, I tried to call my friend Jeff, but he did not pick up the phone. I thought he probably too busy, so I waited a couple of days and then I called him again, he still didn’t pick up. After a couple more days, I call his boss, which was a good friend of mine.

He was very puzzled, because Jeff refused to talk to me, and while he was standing right next to the phone, trying to listen in on our conversation, I asked him why?

He answered: “Jeff is worried, that he might hurt your feelings if you knew he was going to move out of the house.”

I replied: what!!! Moving!!”

He ended up, handing the phone to Jeff, and Jeff got on the phone and apologized so many times, but he couldn’t seriously live in a house there were haunted.

At this point I became extreme, curious, what did he mean, haunted?

I asked him to explain, what has happened, and he said: “Here the other day while I was in the bedroom, I woke up and had to go to the restroom, but in the hallway, I saw the light was on in the office. I wondered why it was on because no one has been in your office since you left, so I went down to turn it off.”

At this point, I got really curious, but again, I had a feeling of what he was going to say.

Jeff continued: I went down to your office, but when I got in there, the light, was already off.”

“I walked out and was about to go down to the bathroom when I saw this,” he paused, and I jump right in: A Small ball of light?”

He quickly responded: How did you know?”

I reassured him, that the house was not haunted, but I need him to do something for me.

He said:” sure, what is it?” I answered: Next time it happens, I need you to record the time, and I need to know that day you are off. “

I believe it was the follow Wednesday, he was off.

I sat down to meditate and did the same thing as before. At this point in time, he was in the kitchen with a French door between the kitchen and the office.

Again, he could see the office lit up, through the French doors, as if someone had turned on the light, and shortly after, the light turned off again.

He immediately, took a step out in the living room, while noting the time, he saw a “small ball of light” moving down the hallway.

He followed the light, down the hallway, around the corner, and when it came to my bedroom door, it went right through the locked door. (He was not able to access my bedroom, because I have locked it before I left.)

The next day, I called him, and he was more than over the moon to talk with me.  I saw it, I saw it…, but what was it? “

I asked: “if he had noted the time?” and he answered: “yes.” I said: Don’t tell me, just look at the note,” and he did.

I mentioned the time for him, and he got very quiet, I actually thought I had lost the connection. After a while, he replied: “How did you know? “

I told him the whole story, and what it was, and there was nothing to worry about.

He became so happy, knowing it was just me, keeping an eye on him and the house, that he didn’t want to move. The next time he saw me, floating through the air, he just waved and said out loud: “Hello!!”, at least that is what he told me, I did not see it.