A rip in the fabric of space/time

These episodes are a bit more difficult to explain, I call them a change within the fabric. When something occurs that shouldn’t be have been seen, and within a second it is like a rerun of the current time, with changes added.

We had been running around the whole day, enjoying ourselves and having fun, watching my friend niece, going from one ride to another, and in the early afternoon we sat down for a meal on a bench.

We had been sitting talking about, where we were going, and what we have not seen when my friend turned to his niece and asked what she would be interested in trying.

It was a Wednesday, so the number of people, was not as bad as if it was a weekend, and the space between people was pleasant, but still, enough people, to keep the line each ride about half an hour long.

I was sitting looking out over the people passing by, and not listening to the conversation, there were going on right beside me.

I noticed a younger lady walking by in a distance, with a stroller and a little girl in her left hand.

I thought to myself; “she is on the wrong side, she should be on the right side.” I shook the feeling and followed them for a little while, and when they walked behind a large-size poster pole, I counted, to see how long time it would take them to pass, and my eyes were waiting for them on the other side (left side), while still on the right side, in case she changed her mind. She didn’t show on either side.

I shook my head, and I backtracked to where I remembered seeing them the first time, and there they were, at that moment I laid eye on her, it was like a movie starting all over again, but this time her daughter was on the right side of her, instead of where I saw her the first time.

I said out softly, enough my friend could hear me: “changes are coming.” he looked at me and said:” do what, what changes?” I smiled and said: did we figure out what to do next?”

Changes did come, but I am still not sure, why that moment in time was played twice.