A rift in the fabric of time and space.

Each and every day, the timeline is having a rip in the fabric of time and space.

You are a person, busy yelling at the driver in front of you, not moving fast enough or changing the radio station, while driving 110 Km/h won’t even notice it.

But how do you know? Or is there any reason for you to know, and why does it happen.

I understand these questions are mind boggling and the first few times they were for me too. When you have seen it often enough, you stop being curious and accept it as is, until you have the right equipment to be able to verify it, but you also know that is probably not going to happen anytime soon, then what do you do??

I believe it happens for each and everyone sounds strange, sure, why not, I think so too.

So, what happens? As I use the example before, you are driving down the road and passing the mark 10, You are going somewhere, and at this point, you are on time. You are changing the channel on the radio, and then, a rip in space, creates a loop in time, enough for you to be passing the mark 10 again, and at the moment you are changing the channel, you mind will either see the loop as a Deja Vue or just not even notice it. All of a sudden you are 10 seconds late, so not enough for you to see the difference. if the loop is longer, then the loss of time will be greater

I know this is science, and how are you able to see this happens. Each time dark matter is coming through and that is when I know there is/or has been a time loop. Who it is and how many, it all depending on what influence it has on these individuals. We might not see if they have a current connection, but in the end, somewhat they have.

At this moment, I know you have a lot more question, and I would love for you to email them to me. Let me know what you think. Kris@fiftyduewest.com