A Math exam

When my son was still in grade school, he came home one day, a bit nervous, they were going to have a math exam the following day, and he was not sure if he was ready, and had studied hard enough to pass the exam.

I assured him; he was going to be just fine, and pass the test.”

The following day I was off, and at home just doing basic things around the house.

Suddenly, in the middle of folding laundry, in my mind, I saw a math problem, and without hesitation I answered it, thinking, where did that come from. Shortly after another problem came, and I answered that one too.

I stopped my choirs and sat down for a moment, followed the “string of energy” where it was coming from, and saw my son sitting quietly over a piece of paper. I saw another problem, and yet another, and I answered both.

Within 30 min the feeling stopped, I got up and continued, with what a had been doing before it happened.

Later that day, my son came home and told me, that he passed the math test, and at dinner time he told me everything. He was so excited, because each time, he came to a problem, that he didn’t know the answer for, he just asked.

 I asked him: “just asked how?” “Just asked in my mind, like sending my problem out in the air, and then all of a sudden I got the answer back.”

Mom, he looked at me, with a serious look in his eyes: “is not cheating is it?” I smiled and said: no, it is not cheating. “

The next time he had a math test, I was prepared, so when I saw the first problem I sat down in meditation and each time I saw a problem, I answered it.

Again, he was so excited when he came home in the afternoon, telling me  he passed his test, and again excited over someone “out there” had answered them.

We did this for a little while, until he didn’t ask anymore, and I have had not seen math questions since.