A little girl in her daddy’s arms

At the beginning of 2018, I was working at a client’s job site. Each morning we had a small meeting, where each and every one of us, should tell how the previous day had been.

A few days before that day, I had a connection with a friend of mine, at least what I thought it was.

The short connect would always be with making aware the other was there and then when tuned in, as you do on an old radio, we would be asked each other how the other was doing.

 This time the feeling of touch, on the neck had been going on for 2 days, and I was just as confused as I could feel he was.

I realized that morning, when I connected with him again, it was not him, but someone else, but who?

Who knew about this? Could it be someone he knew, but when I looked out within his network, I saw nobody.

So, it could only be a connection to me. I asked who are you? And within a split second, I was shown a little girl sitting in her father’s lap, while he was watching tv, he would caress her neck, so she could fall asleep.  And here I was standing in the middle of our meeting, thinking daddy.!! I could feel the warmth around my heart, and his gentle voice in my head saying; so, you do remember. I wanted to cry so badly.

 I had spent two days thinking it was someone else when I could have spent two days talking with my dad. It was my turn to speak, and our manager looked at me again and repeated the question before I came out of it. He laughed and said: you must be far away? “

I could have told him: “yup I am having a conversation with my deceased dad?” but, instead I went ahead and told him and the others, what I had been doing the day before. When done, I asked my dad: if he was still there.”

He answered: “Yes, what are you doing?” I told him I was in a meeting, but we could still talk.

I didn’t want him to go since I didn’t know when the next time would be before I heard and felt my daddy again.

This was the first time after my dad died, he had been back, and not knowing, if I would ever hear from him again, I wanted this moment to last for a very long time.

He and I talked for a while, and he said he was doing fine, and enjoyed being out of his old body.

He did say he was going to try to come back, but he was not sure when that would happen.

He knew now, how to contact me, and he looked forward to our next conversation.

Shortly after he said goodbye, and I have not heard from him since.