A little dog with a difficult mind.

In the middle of 1998. My son and I had just made a big move and it was a bit difficult to settle in.

My husband had a little dog, there were suffering from epilepsy seizures, when we move in the seizures was ones every month, but over the course of the next 3 month the incidents became more frequent and, in the end, when he had more than one every week, we were talking about putting him to sleep.

I asked my husband if I should try to do something to ease his pain, but he refused, and said, “no matter what, he didn’t believe in all the mambo jumbo weird stuff” We agree to set a time for 3 weeks if he had not gotten better. After two and a half weeks, nothing had changed, and my husband scheduled time with the vet. The same day, he called me from work, and told me he had scheduled an appointment I sat down with our little dog and put my hands around his little head. First, he moved away and if he was scared, but when I focused on the little black dot I could see was sitting in the back of his mind, he calmed down and pushed the back of his head into my hand. We sat for about 10 minutes.

I didn’t tell my husband about it in the evening, I didn’t see a need for it, just in case it didn’t work.

The following 3 days we did the same thing, and the dog, knew what was going to happen, so he didn’t know runoff, but came over and laid down, put his head in my hand so I could continue.

The week after, my husband said one evening, I have not seen him having a seizure the past week, I am going to move the appointment we have with the vet, just in case.

for the next 3 weeks, I sat down with my dog every other day, and after 2 weeks he had another seizure. I continued for another 3 months, just ones every week.

After 3 months, and with not seizure, my husband brought him to the vet for scanning, but the vet and my husband was wondering what had happened. He came home puzzled in the evening and said, “the black shadow the dog had on the early brain scans was gone. “

He looked at me and said, “What did you do?” I smiled and said, “does it matter?” He continued, “so you did go against what I said?” I walked over and pick up our little dog and said, “I heard you said, you wish you didn’t have to put him down”

After that, we didn’t talk about it anymore, but I knew he was still puzzled for a long time, never asked about it, I don’t think he dared.