A journey through time.

Are you ready to create your very own journey through time?

To understand that moment when you can see through time, from the time or birth or the time of death, until there is nothing other than dust left for the wind to carry, might be a place not so far in the future.

Are we able to create such a loop and open space, time reality without destroying what we have here? I don’t know.

Should we be able to have the power to travel back and change things we don’t like, just to see the outcome might be even worse than where we are today, I don’t think we should.

Each time you are shown a piece of knowledge, you share it as a special gift, but I would also love to share it with my readers. Some of you might understand this, and some of you, it won’t sense at all, and that is okay too.

As a concept of space/time reality, if you extend beyond what you see here today, let’s say you are in a storm of time, within the time you create a quiet eye, as you have in a hurricane, and within this eye, you can slow time down. When you look around you, you see how the hurricane is picking up dust and particles, and when you touch it, it feels like fine sandpaper against your hand.

In this hurricane you see strangers and familiar faces scattering around, twisting and turning as if they have no control over the time they are here or have left, or even what to use it for. Is this how we are?

When you reach out to them, without holding on, you see the time of their birth, as children, to adults to seniors, to their death and how they become the dust of time particle there are creating this hurricane to what it actually is.

This is your eye and no one else can enter. This is your life and your consciousness that you can share with anyone, and yet you are part of something greater.

Are you able to slow down the wind within the hurricane, no that is time as we see it, and this time right here right now, we are not able to slow down or speed up, only our own, by understand what it takes to step outside the current reality that leaves us scattering, twisting and turning to reach what we are meant to do right now right here.

The reality of creating a loophole in space/time reality is there, but what do we need it for? What are we looking for, we don’t already have right here? Can you slow it enough down to see your friends and family passing on, I am not sure, but I believe so? Is this something you want to do?

You as my reader, let me know what you want to do if you could travel in time, where would you go, what would you do. And if you couldn’t go back to where you are right now, when will you stop. Email me kris@fiftyduewest.com

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