A friendly challenge

One evening, in about 1993 a friend of my tenant Keld, was visiting, and as always, we ended up sitting downstairs after my son, has gone to sleep.

Keld had been sitting teasing his friend about all the activities there were in the house, and his friend wanted to confirm with me, and I agreed. There was never a dull day, we had always some activity.

His friend continued teasing me, after sharing the story about my sister and I playing cards. Keld jumped in and said: why don’t you test her.”

And like some people say: “what is my lotto numbers, he said almost the same: “What I am thinking. I rolled my eyes, knowing how many thoughts there were going through a person’s mind every second.

He laughed and said: so you are lying? You can’t do this, can you? You are just a fake.”

I said: “Well why do we do this. You think of one thing, and one thing only, when ready, you tell me, and I will tell you what it is you thinking about.” He smiled and said: “yes, I am ready.”  I looked at Keld and said:” If he doesn’t take it seriously, I am not going to do it.”

Keld came over and said to his friend: “What did she say? One thing only.” His friend got a bit upset; “I was only thinking of one thing.” – You are jumping between 3 things, not one but 3.

His friend looked at me but didn’t say anything, his facial expression was enough answer.

I said: “Let’s try again. One thing only.” Keld’s friend closed his eyes and focused on only one thing. He opened his eyes and said: I have one thing now.”

I started to mention one thing’s at the time, and he shook his head, at the 10th try I guessed the object. His friend said: You are correct, but it also took you ten attempts to find the right thing, and he laughed.” I turned to Keld and smiled.

Keld turned to his friend and said: lets try it again.”

I Looked over on Keld friend again and said: “The first thing you thought of was,” and I again mentioned the first object. “The next thing you thought of, and I mentioned the next object, and the further I got down the list, the quieter he became, and his expression change from a conquer to a surprise.

When I made to the 10th object, I said: “After going through 9 things in your mind, you finally settled with the last thing, which became the 10th object and the one I said it was, but I did mention all the other object with the same pattern as you have thought of them. “

He had to admit I was correct, and never challenged me again in future.