A dark entity

In the mind 90’s after experience a lot of activity in the house, one of my renters came one day and told me something else had entered the house, and he was not feeling comfortable in the house anymore.

I asked him, if he knew what it was, since we knew all-out “Ghosts” already.

He said no at first, and I didn’t bother asking more into it, before he was ready to answer.

I just told him if whoever it was to come back, all he had to do, was tell them to get out.

One evening, during the early spring, my son and I were away from the house, visiting my mom, something happens, that made my renter want to move away from the house.

He did wait until I got home again.

The same evening I got home, he came up and knocked on the door, and told me he had decided to leave the house. At first he didn’t want to tell me what it was, he was embarrassed, but eventually, I got him to tell me what had happened.

One evening he was sitting alone, with a single candlelight, creating a stenciled picture, he saw the flame was waving back and forth, as if a window was open somewhere, he knew he was the only one home and all the windows in the hallway, incl. the front door was locked, so he looked up on the window behind him to see if it was open, it was not.

He thought he was getting tired and was seeing something there were not there, so he continued his work.

Shortly after it happened again, but this time the flame made a 90-degree angle, he knew that was impossible.

He knew to ask, who was there, just in case they were hiding, so he did, and as he said, the air in the room became Ice cold to the point where he could see his own breath.

He knew something was wrong, and since there were not open door and windows and the heater was going, whatever it was, made him uncomfortable.

The door to his room and out to the hallway was wide open and would open inwards.

He said, “I did what you told me I should do, so I said, “Get out!!” and the door slam shut even though no one had their hands on it.”

He continued, “I got so scared, i hurried up and locked the door” As first I had a grin on my face, asking him why he locked the door, when he knew these entities didn’t need an invitation or a door to go through” and then asked him if he knew what it was.

At first, he said no and then shortly after he confessed, that one of their friends had brought a Ouija board one evening since they believe I had a portal in the house.

As this point I was pissed, and said, “Did anyone of you think there were a little boy living in this house?” he said no, he and the others didn’t believe it would work, but they got such a creepy cold feeling during the evening, so the closed it down.

I said, well at least it is not coming upstairs, but stay downstairs, my son was banned for going down for a while.

My renter decided to stay, and one evening while he was at work, I went down to my computer to work a little before going to bed.

all of a sudden I got this feeling someone was there, but not the normal “Ghosts.” I didn’t want to scare myself, so I shut the computer down slowly.

When I got out in the hallway, I could see this huge black smoke like shadow filling most of the hallway, moving towards me like a big breathing negative entity, and I knew what it was. Still, I didn’t want to get scared, so I walked slowly across the hallway over to staircase going upstairs, and then slowly upstairs.

When I got to the last step I could see it right behind me, I opened the door and stepped inside and was about to turn around to close the door, and the door slam shut in front of my fingers.

Now I was even more angry, I had been challenged by a very negative entity, and I didn’t like the energy at all.

The next day when everyone was home, we all sat down and they got an earful. I told them whoever did this needed to be invited back to the house, so whoever it was there were here to leave with him.

The told me, they were no longer friends with him, after what he did. I told them I didn’t care, I wanted that thing out of my house, and it was looking for whoever had manifested it.

3 weeks later, they friend finally came to visit, and when he left the entity left with him. What happen to him? From what I understood, they stopped having anything to do with him, and eventually he ended up in a mental ward, he kept saying someone was following him, but no one believe in him.

My house was again a “clean” house with known “ghosts”

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