A cob of corn

In the middle of 2003, we were spending a lot of time out in west Texas. A dear friend of mine had a larger size ranch out there, and it was so nice to just kick back and relax, away from the city and its busy noise.

Most of the time, when we were out there, his cousins were there too, and well it was not every time we got along. I hated the way, they were treating him, but he kept brushing it off.

His cousins had convinced my friend to build a resort on his ranch, he agreed, and the ranch became a busy place, planning, and preparing. Since it was my friend’s ranch, he ended up paying for everything, while his cousins, was watching and telling him what to do. They didn’t have the means but was agreeing to run the place, when it was done.

My friend was happy, and I didn’t say anything more about, what was really going on behind his back.

One night I dream, I was standing by this large size land, where corn was just seeded, and everyone was running around watering and nurturing the small plants.  I saw the corn growing, larger and larger, and in the end, when ready to harvest, they all felt so proud. My friend looked at me, and with his arms wide open he smiled and said, see….  At that moment, a man looking like a cob of corn walked right up beside me, turned to me and said: with a smirky smile on his face. See this is all mine, all of it, all mine.”

He walked over to the field of corn, moved his arm over the corn and a wind came and blew everything away.

He turned around, when walking right past me, while grinned, – as he would say, so who cares. My friends two cousins walked right behind “the man of corn”, and my friend felt tired to the ground, in an empty field.

A couple of days later, I approached my friend, asked him, if he got an attorney to look at the agreement, he had made by his cousins? He said: ” no, he trusted them, and one attorney was enough.”

A couple of months later, he and I departed, when he was going to marry his high school sweetheart. They had not seen each other for 40 years, so when they met in the little town close to the ranch, the sparks were flying instantaneously.

3 years later, I called him to see how he was doing. He sounded tired. I asked him if he had someone he wanted to share, and he did. He apologized for not listening to me when I told him what was going on back then. He continued: ” 10 months later, my cousins, they sued me for 5 million dollars, I don’t know what to you, my life is ruined.”