A break in.

I still smile inside, when I think about this episode. I don’t believe I have ever seen a grown man so scared, well that is not true, 2nd grown man.

When my son was little, once in a while we traveled over to my mom, stayed there for a week or so before going back home. At that time, I had a larger sized house, room enough for few renters, and when I was out of town, even though they did not have access to the upper part of the house, they still made sure everything was ok.

Every evening, while I at my mom, I meditate. The peace and quiet were soothing and easier to go into deep meditation after everyone had gone to bed.

As I was meditating, I use the time to make sure everything was okay in the house, at home.  Well that was at least, what I believed I did. I enjoyed the balance and energy, when I entered the home, listening for vibration and heat signatures.

After meditation I went to bed and repeated the same motion the next evening, and the follow days, until we went back home again.

I still remember it, as if it was yesterday, I came walking up to the front door with my son, and one of my renters, came rushing out of his door, shaking his arms wildly in front of him, while yelling: “Stop, stop you cannot go in, you have had a break-in. “

I could see something had spooked him. I looked at him and answered: no, I have not.”

He continued; yes: “I have been ill the past week, so I have been home, and I heard someone walking around upstairs’ as if they had big heavy boots on. Please let me check the house before you go in. “

I gave him the key, so he could check the main part of the house, and shortly after he returned and said: no one. Everything looks the same, as when you left. “

I smiled and asked: if he wanted a cup of coffee while sharing his story with me.”

While sitting in the kitchen, drinking coffee, he said: “Every evening I heard someone walking around upstairs.” I asked him: “if it was the same time, around 11:30 pm? “

He just stared at me: “how did you know” (I will add – This episode was before smart camera and smartphones). He said: yes, that is correct, but how did you know?”

I smiled because I already had a feeling, of what he might have heard.

He said: They started in the bedroom just above my living room. It sounded as if someone jumped down from something, and then they walked over to the window.”

He paused, and I saw the chance of jumping in, so I continued; First you heard the jump, then over to the bed, then to the window, and then out of the door, down the hallway, and the sound stopped at the door to the Living room?”

he looked at me in disbelieve and asked: How did you know?”

I explained to him: every evening after everyone had gone to bed, I sat down and meditated. Within the meditation, I went home to make sure everything was okay. I started in the bedroom, checked the heat signature in the bed, over to the window, to make sure it is still closed, out of the door, down the hallway to the living room. Stood in the doorway, looked over at the patio door, to make sure it was closed and then back, and out of meditation.”

He said he couldn’t believe it, but since he had not told me his side of the story, before he could actual finished it, he knew it was not just a story, but the facts.

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