A different life.

From a very young age, Kristin has been able to connect with life beyond what our eyes can see. In the book “A different life,” Kristin describes her abilities and experiences as, “Not a curse, but a gift, gently wrapped in this space-time reality.” Her many experiences are well explained incredible journeys of discovery as she comes to terms with her abilities and lives an esoteric life that includes spirits of the deceased, UFOs, and communication with non-human entities. During her father’s near-death experience, she was present and communicated with the entity that arrived to take him into the next world.Truly, Kristin stands with one foot in this dimension and another foot elsewhere. For those interested in the study of consciousness, these chapters will engage and entertain as Kris describes in great detail major events and significant personalities in her life. Kristin’s book is a fascinating story of her integration into our world with her God-given gifts and abilities for anyone seeking answers to the unknown and questioning reality as we subjectively experience it.